Getting around Virgin media complaints


When a business receives a complaint from a customer it can make two basic choices: treat the customer’s complaint as a headache or use the complaint as an opportunity to improve. When you have a Virgin media telephone number you probably wonder how to deal with Virgin media customer service after all many people have issues when they try Contact Virgin Media.

The business owners adept at dealing with and learning from the complaints all know very well that a complaint from one customer may represent many other clients with the same problem who did not manifest themselves. They are the ones who tell others, complain about themselves online, and move their business to another provider (or go somewhere else). If you would like to Contact Virgin Media you will definitely like our tips below.

  1. Companies such as Virgin always keep in mind that the client did not have to go to him. He could always move to the other side without saying anything, which means when you Contact Virgin Media you will feel that they really care about what you are saying.
  2. Do not be defensive. Just remember that clients with complaints tend to exaggerate situations, so staying defensive will only make matters worse. When a customer complains, he does it because he feels wronged in some way. You do not have to agree with what he says. But you must listen to him. This is how it leads the conversation in a more positive direction.
  3. Recognize what is important to the customer. Even if you think that the customer’s complaint is unfair, there is something that he values ​​in his company that he has not fulfilled. Embrace this value. What the customer wants is to feel good when he or she calls Virgin media telephone number.
  4. Apologize, in advance, once. All service providers know that the customer is not always right. But the customer is always the customer when he calls Virgin media telephone number. You do not have to admit that you’re wrong, but you should apologize for the inconvenience. When you do this, you are demonstrating understanding and empathy.
  5. Provide useful information. Part of listening to the customer is to answer any questions he or she has about the specific situation. Provide as much as possible additional and useful information. If he asks a question he does not know how to answer, tell him he will try to find out. And then do it, really. These are additional opportunities to say, through your actions, that you value your business. You will feel this when you dial Virgin Media contact number.

The bottom line onVirgin media complaints

If you have any Virgin media complaints do not be afraid. Make sure you contact Virgin media customer service and try to solve your issues the best way possible. Make sure you also place yourself in the place of the worker on the other side of the line, as he will try and place himself on your shoes as well.

Home Broadband – Make Home the Source of Communication

Home broadband

Broadband is pretty much a pseudo name for the Internet. The Internet connects one with the world and broadband makes that connection more efficient and faster. One can broaden his/her horizon with the help of this tool. The communication has now become a basic requirement of the human beings and the Internet is one of the basic tools and helps people communicate with each other with much ease. Previously dial up connections were used for this purpose but the connectivity was really slow. That’s why broadband comes into picture. Broadband is the system that transfers information on wide range of frequencies. So with broadband one can ensure better connectivity. Generally broadband is of three types Home Broadband, Mobile Broadband and Wireless Broadband. Home broadband is the most viable a popular option from above three.

Home broadband is popular in Britain as it gives them the luxury of connecting with the whole wide world within the comfort of their homes. There are number of broadband providers in the UK and due to the ever-increasing competition between them, the users have an advantage as they have varied options to choose from. A surfer can choose any package which compliments their demands and usage as well. There are unlimited downloading packages available, but with a fair usage clause. They can download games through this type of package which are considered to be quite large files. Some people need high speed for their work, so they choose those packages which fits into their criteria. Home broadband generally provides high speed browsing to its end users. Earlier there used to be some complaints about the speed and connectivity. But the broadband companies have increased their spectrum so consumers are not complaining any more.

Some of the big players in the field of home broadband are namely, Vodafone, Virgin media, BT, Sky, Plusnet etc. and these companies offers different packages which are fit for almost every consumer.

With the increase in competition in this sector and the availability of various packages has made it difficult to choose one particular package. Here, online shopping sites come into picture. We can compare different deals at one place and can choose the best deal. One can get to know the cost and the duration along with the speed and the schemes the company has to offer. But one has to be careful while choosing packages as the companies have contracts and one has to bide by the terms and conditions of the contract. If a surfer breaks that contract then they have to pay a hefty penalty. So if user wants to enjoy broadband connection from the comfort of one’s home then go for home broadband and visit these sites which will give user all the information at one place.

Home broadband

Consumers used to always complain that they are really irritated with wires everywhere, and if they had to move the router from one place to another, they had to go through the tedious process of removing the wires first and then fixing them all over again. For them the broadband providers have come up with a unique solution and that is wireless home broadband. Broadband speed is good and a person can download things within the blink of an eye. And it has become the main feature that most of the customers look for in the Internet. The prices are not too high compared to other broadband services. View additional related information at

So home broadband is a suitable answer to all the broadband needs within the confines of the best place in the world and that place is called home.

How Fast Is Virgin Media Broadband?

Virgin Media Double Your Speed campaign, shot in Kingston Jamaica with Usain Bolt and Richard Branson 26+27/11/11 photographed by Tom Oldham

Many people contact Virgin Media to hear how fast their broadband is. It is getting really important to make sure that you’re going to use the best broadband with the best speed if you’re using the internet a lot. The one thing that everyone agrees is the fact that they don’t want to struggle with slow internet speed. You don’t need to contact Virgin Media anymore, just to find out more about the speed they have to offer. Here is more information about Virgin media and the speed that they offer.

Virgin Media

Virgin Media is the most popular broadband company that most people are using, and most people are contact Virgin Media to hear about the broadband speed that they are offering. This is a great broadband company that they can use, and they are reliable and can be trusted.

There are too many broadband companies that are not really worth spending money on. This is because they don’t really have fast and reliable service. But, everyone that has used Virgin Media before can state that this is one of the best companies to use for your internet connection. Visit this site for more information : Http://

The speed that they have to offer

There is not a specific speed that Virgin Media has to offer, and you should contact Virgin Media is your unsure about their speed.

They have different packages to ensure that they are able to provide a package for everyone’s personal preferences. And, the different packages are normally having different speeds. For example: If you’re making use of Virgin Media vivid, you’re going to get download and upload speed of about 200Mb. But, if you’re going to sign to another contract from Virgin Media, you will be getting just 50Mb. Click here.

It really depends on the type of package that you’re choosing. Here are the three different packages and the speed that you can expect from them:

  • The super 50 fibers broadband is offering the 50Mb internet speed;
  • The Vivid 100 fiber broadband is offering a great 100Mb internet speed, and
  • The Vivid 200 fiber broadband are offering 200Mb speed.

Their pricing

When you’re contact Virgin Media, you will notice that they are offering great packages with great prices. They are affordable and everyone can really afford getting broadband from Virgin Media.

With the different packages, you can and will find the deal that will suit your needs best, and there are even some great packages available for businesses as well as for households.

It is normally the speed of Virgin Media that is deciding the amount of money that you’re going to pay monthly for their service and for the great download speed.

The one thing that you don’t need to worry about, is about the speed that Virgin Media has to offer. Some of the other broadband are asking high fees, and provide only slow downloading speed. However, this isn’t the case with this broadband. If you want to get more information about Virgin Media, you can just contact Virgin Media and ask for some assistance about the different packages and speeds that they have to offer.

How Fast Is Virgin Media Broadband?


Virgin Media might claim to be the brashest and fastest Provider in the UK and by 2016 Home Broadband Survey, Virgin media customer service end up being the best. For its pace test execution, ISP gets the speediest broadband recompense by speaking to the normal rate, twice that of its nearby adversaries.

Virgin was additionally named for the best package supplier honor as a result of the magnificent satellite TV, and fast broadband bundles and excellent level of Virgin media customer service. With these two or more focuses in a couple of zones, it likewise turned into a finalist for Best Broadband Provider. Virgin media exceeds expectations in giving an extraordinary downloading or transferring speed up to 200Mbps, where you can without much of a stretch download films in a moment, music in a moment, and makes your general online experience smooth.

The great experience

But, this great experience is just conceivable to those zones, where Contact Virgin Media is accessible. But, gradually and step by step virgin is developing and covering regions to improve their association!

If we discuss Virgin media customer service and Support, it is only a normal for settled line broadband, which implies it isn’t mind blowing. In the most recent client services fulfillment report from Of com, Virgin media customer service, BT client support and TalkTalk with its general fulfillment score of 56% On the other hand, customers can get particular sponsorship lines continually free for 24/7. More details in this post.

The customer services

Virgin media customer service now has more than 5 million supporters, making it the third most prominent supplier after Sky and BT. With the progression of time, Virgin Media’s link degree is upgrading and its super-quick broadband is without further ado open to an expansive number of homes. It arrangements to roll this out over the entire system and has in like manner begun the task where velocities are to be extended for no additional charges, giving the decision of 50Mb, 100Mb or 152Mb Virgin media customer service, with 152Mb is open in a creating number of select ranges.

There are many features of Virgin media customer service in addition to purposes of virgin media that makes individuals take a Virgin Media as their future association. In the UK, Virgin demonstrates the fastest by and large available broadband rates with striking groups including 200 Mbps downloading speed. Quicker broadband paces mean online pages more quickly, and downloading records take less time.

The speed you want

It makes you free from the cerebral pain of buffering and make playback minute and reliable. The vast majority of the fiber broadband suppliers in the UK utilize BT’s broad Open reach system. But, Contact Virgin Media takes a shot at its own system. This freely helps Virgin to accomplish its business sector driving rates. Subsequent to there are no different suppliers piggybacking on its system, there is extensively less request on its assets than on BT Open reach.

When you have completed 12-months with Virgin Media broadband, then you can even separate your phone line association. Despite the way that the worth refinement between a broadband-simply benefit, and a broadband with phone group are immaterial. There’s no additional charges of phone line, a customer is charged for its broadband package just.

Things to Expect From Virgin Media


When you’re thinking about using Virgin Media, you need to know what you can expect from Virgin Media customer service, and the things that they will provide to you. You can’t sign up to something, that you don’t know will be the best possible network for you. Here’s some things that you can expect from Virgin Media when you sign up with them.

New mobile network provider

The first thing that you now can expect from Virgin media is the fact that they have a mobile network provider in many countries. You can now use Virgin media for your mobile phone as well.

This is a great addition to the network that most people now can enjoy. If you don’t know if the mobile network is available in your country, you can call the Virgin media customer service for more information.

Great customer service

Another thing that you can know for sure, when you sign up with Virgin media, is the fact that they have an exceptional customer service, which will assist you in any enquiries that you might have.

Most networks do have customer service, but most of them are not as great as what it should be. This can then lead to long and frustrating hours on the phone, waiting for customer service to answer. You will not experience this with Virgin media customer service. More details here.

Their broadband what they offer

Virgin media has a superfast broadband that you will not believe. They are providing one of the fastest broadband speeds in the world. The speed of the broadband that they offer is about 240 Mbps and has already about 367 000 customers that’s using their broadband.

There’s not many Virgin media complaints when you’re looking at the complaints of their broadband. This is why Virgin media is starting to get one of the best networks to use, especially when it comes to their great and super fast broadband.

New TV content

You will also be able to get access to the new TV content that Virgin media has to offer to their customers. This is because of the “My Prime” streaming service, has 5 new TV content available in some of the countries.  This is a great benefit for those who love watching TV all the time, and who is always looking for new content.

Because this streaming service, isn’t available all over the world, you can call the Virgin Media contact number on their website to find out how you can get this streaming service, and if you’re qualified for this new TV content.

Virgin media is getting more popular, and more people are starting to use this network. Just like any other network Virgin media, has some great things to offer. The one thing that is really great to their customers is the fast broadband that they offer. No one wants to struggle with a slow broadband, and Virgin media has one of the fastest broadband speed available. The Virgin media customer service is also great, and providing fast answers to every enquiry that they might get.

How to complain about your broadband


Left hanging after poor service from your broadband supplier then you should contact Virgin Media. Here’s our manual for having a grievance with effect. If it’s not too much trouble note, however, that this aide can just give some broad pointers on basic broadband issues.


It doesn’t constitute, nor if it be viewed as, particular legitimate guidance.

Regular broadband complaints showed by Virgin media customer service

To begin with, we should examine the absolute most normal complaints against broadband suppliers and how they’re regularly determined.

Faulty connections                               

A broken association or totally dead broadband line must be the absolute most normal broadband protestation.

The sheer many-sided quality of the issue – the flaw could be a far-reaching system issue, in the line, in your family unit wiring or result from a deficiency with the switch – makes it extreme to diagnose and regularly the issue is outside of the supplier Contact Virgin Media.


Mis-offering of broadband arrangements is, sadly, not exceptional, especially when arrangements are sold way to-entryway or via telephone. Much of the time, then again, customers feel that they’ve been mis-sold despite the fact that they have really been given the right data at each phase of the methodology. The misconception is not mis-offering.

At the point when making this kind of protest with Virgin media complaints, then, be particular about what you were guaranteed and by whom and detail how your present bundle doesn’t experience this standard.

Bill shock

Contextual investigations discharged by the ombudsman are short on the uplifting news for those confronting tremendous portable information bills run up abroad or in the Virgin media customer care.

A totally fruitful protestation (i.e. that wipes out the high bill) for this situation must demonstrate that the broadband supplier didn’t make satisfactory moves to caution you about the expenses of information and/or the charges as they began to mount.

Until that is sorted, a concurrence with the supplier which diminishes the bill remains, however, the most well-known method for settling bill shock with Virgin media complaints.

First steps: how to complain

  • Take the supplier’s system
  • Keep records
  • Be sensible – and expect the same

The essential guideline is that correspondences suppliers have an obligation of consideration towards their customers. That implies, for instance, making moves to determine service issues, giving clear data on charging and reacting to complaints in an unmistakable and expert way.See more here. 

Taking a complaint further with Virgin media customer service

At the point when an issue can’t be determined inside eight weeks, after you have made sensible moves to correspond with the supplier, you are qualified for bring the issue further with an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) plan.

Here’s the way the real suppliers separate:

  • To show to your broadband supplier that you’re taking an objection further you’ll have to demand a ‘halt letter’.
  • The supplier’s stop letter will set out the debate so far and the steps that it has taken – the letter can be utilized as a part of question determination or in court.
  • When you have a stop letter you’re allowed to go to the right ADR plan who will then speak with the supplier for your sake.

You’ll have to make a full accommodation to an ADR plan, clarifying your perspective and setting out the pay you feel you are expected.

The two ADR plans offer marginally diverse remuneration levels, with CISAS honoring a normal of £173, and Virgin media complaints, as computed in August 2012. Check the plan runs deliberately before making a case.

Once the ADR plan passes on its judgment you can pick either to acknowledge it or to take the matter to court. It’s a smart thought to take proficient legitimate exhortation before settling on that decision Virgin media complaints.

How to get and how to set up Virgin TV Anywhere

Virgin TV Anywhere

If you’re looking to get your Virgin TV Anywhere subscription set up, you can use the Virgin media telephone number to get help with sales and orders. If you’d still like a little more information, keep reading!

What is TV Anywhere?

TV Anywhere is part of the Virgin Media TV packages they offer, and it comes as default with the system. The Virgin TV suite comes in three easy to understand packages- the Big easy, which starts at 16 pounds for a 12 month subscription, gives you a 50 MB broadband channel, includes weekend calls and 84 channels is the premier budget package and ideal for those just starting out. Or opt for the mile-ground Big Bang, which will set you back 20 pounds but includes 100Mb, weekend calls and 154 channels. Those who want the full service package can opt for the Big Kahuna, 152MB, weekend calls and 213 channels.

Why TV anywhere?

Of course, these are no good if you can’t access any of them, an in today’s digital world it’s common to expect to be able to take your TV across a number of devices. And that’s what Virgin Media Customer Services have done with the TV Anywhere service. Whether you’re using it on Mac or PC, iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, you can take TV with you anywhere- as long as you’re not using a 3G/4G connection. You’ll need a Wi Fi hotspot. And it goes beyond online streaming. If you have a Virgin TiVo, you’ll be able to access it through your device.

How do I set it up?

Luckily, it’s a pretty intuitive thing to set up. If you get stuck, however, you can always phone Virgin Media Customer services for some help and assistance. You will start your downloads from, which allows you to browse the collections, TV listings, On Now and On Demand offerings. Sign in- you’ll need to register the device if it’s the first time using it- and then simply click ‘watch’. That’s if you’re accessing by PC, of course.

For mobile devices, use the apple App store and install the free app. Once launched, you can select your TiVO box, use Away Access or sign in through your username and password as mentioned above. Do make sure that the TiVo you’re using is connected to the Virgin Media router you received when signing up. The mobile digital device you’re using will need to be wirelessly connected as well. If you get stuck, use the Virgin Media telephone number to get help.

What is ‘home’ and ‘away’ access?

Virgin TV Anywhere

Remember, you have the option to stream both at home and when you’re out. As long as you’re in a Wi Fi hotspot, you’re good to go. You can even manage your TiVo recordings. When you use the at home settings, you can also use your iDevice as a TiVo remote, too.visit–1073097 for more detailed information.

If you have any issues setting up your TV Anywhere service, be sure to contact Virgin Media for help and assistance with set up.

Virgin Media complaints number: Where to make a complaint

Virgin Media complaints

If you have a complaint or have received bad services, it’s vital you contact Virgin Media. Companies will always want to retain clients, and would prefer to work through issues with you rather than let matters spiral out of hand. Below, find the Virgin media telephone number for complaints as well as some other tips.

What is the Virgin Media telephone number to use for complaints?

If you’d prefer to phone through your complaint, you can use 0844 409 8730 [correct as of 11 March 2015]. However, dealing with the issue telephonically isn’t your only choice. If you’re already an existing customer with Virgin Media, you can use the ‘existing customer’ tab on their website to access help guides, information, basic troubleshooting and more for every product and service they offer. Remember that the Virgin Media group offer packages in four main areas- broadband, TV, mobile and phone lines. Whether you have their TV app or are looking for fibre optic services, they’ll be able to help you sort the issue out with Virgin Media Customer Services.

Do Virgin Media Customer Services have a good reputation?

The answer is ‘in general, yes’. Ofcom statistics suggest that they have a lower than average complains ration, and that they are the best of their competitors when it comes to receiving and addressing customer service issues. Intriguingly, this also places them at below the industry average for complaints received, something that can never be bad. This carries well across all of the brands, from TiVo to Virgin TV, Phone and Mobile.

How can I make a complaint?

You can use the Virgin Media telephone number above to place a voice complaint if you desire. You can also search online, as mentioned above, for the full range of help and support services. They can assist with reporting faults, finding faults and diagnosing faults. The online help system is easy to use with an intuitive menu. Of course, if that doesn’t resolve your issue or you prefer to deal with a human being, the phone number will connect you to their efficient help staff.

Be sure to do your bit too, before speaking to Virgin Media customer services about your issues. For example, if you run a Virgin fixed line, you will be a national customer, but will be classed as a cable customer if you use the fibre optic network.

Virgin Media complaints

Knowing information like this, as well as your payment details and account number, will make the reporting process much more smooth and friendly. Remember that, if you subscribe to Virgin TV, you are one of 3.4 million customers [and rising] and the more information you can give the better. Their cable network is by far the most popular, as is the Mobile network they operate over the EE network.

If you’d like to find out more, visit their website at or contact Virgin media by means of one of the channels listed above- they will be glad to resolve your fault.

Virgin Media Broadband: Alternative ways to get in touch

Virgin Media Broadband

Are you looking to contact Virgin Media? It can be tedious and unhelpful to hang on hold on the phone, especially if you’re somewhere where a phone call isn’t the most convenient route for you. But hang in there- there’s a ton of other ways you can get in touch with Virgin Media Customer service. Here are just a few alternates.

Obviously, the best channel for you to take is going to depend strongly on whether you’re in search of general assistance, specific technical help, a matter of customer service where you’ve been let down [or very pleased] by another channel, or if you’relooking to place an order or ask about products. DO remember that broadband issues- whether it’s tech support or needing to upgrade- you can always get in touch with your provider directly too. It’s a matter of good customer service. Virgin will always be keen to retain your valuable support, so if one customer service experience is bad or does not resolve your issues, don’t be afraid to try a different channel and lodge a complaint against the first.go to for  more related information.

The best options for general assistance and technical help.

If you’relooking for non-time critical, general assistance, you’d be best starting online with Virgin Media Customer Services’ virtual assistant, Jenny. ‘She’ can assist you with finding frequently asked questions, and more simple queries. Whether it’s simple information, or a basic setting question, you should be able to find it online quickly and simply without the need for holding on a phone line and tie wasting.

The matter does get a little trickier if you need specific technical help, of course. While some basic troubleshooting guides do exist online and you may find them or the FAQ section useful, you’ll more likely need to solicit the advice of the technical help team. If you own a Virgin Mobile, they’re available on 150 from there or a Virgin Home Phone. If not, the Virgin Media telephone number you’d need is 0845 454 1111. Do note, however, that the calls are chargeable. However, the centre is open at all times, twenty four hours a day, regardless of the day of the week, so you will be able to receive telephonic assistance at any time.

Virgin Media Customer Services and sales.

Virgin Media Broadband

The customer service centre is the perfect place to resolve issues you may have with service you’ve received, to request information and procedures, to be directed to the correct department for your needs or simply get help. They can be accessed on the same Virgin Media Telephone number as above. Sales and orders can be placed at 0800 098 8203. see our latest news at this website.

Social Media.

If you’d prefer to reach out to their social media channels, you can contact Virgin Media via twitter, Facebook and email [there’s a website form] or choose to use the pooled knowledge available online at their customer forums.
It’s easy enough to contact Virgin media if you have a query or complaint in need of resolution.

Virgin Media Broadband: What are the benefits of fiber optic broadband?

Virgin Media Broadband ad

Before you reach for the phone armed with the Virgin Media contact number, you may want to take a moment to further explore why the fibre optic broadband they offer is so well thought off in the digital world. Below, we try to summaries it for you.visit her latest blog post at

Virgin appear to be streaks ahead of their UK competitors when it comes to broadband speed- and that’s mostly due to their fibre optic offerings. They’ve already invested billions in upgrading their infrastructure to allow for faster speeds, and currently offer broadband packages from 50Mb lines to a swift and stunning 152MB. You can use the postcode checker on their website to see if you’re in an area where it’s already readily available. Don’t despair if you’re not, however as their ongoing upgrades will soon be reaching an area near you. You can always contact Virgin Media to see what the plans for your area are.

Why do they offer fast broadband?

As digital become the norm over the world, more and more users demand fast and reliable internet connections. It’s been the Virgin Media group’s choice to focus on these high usage consumers- if that’s you, reach out to them on the Virgin Media telephone number. It’s succeeded, too, constantly placing highly in Ofcom’s speed tests and delivering on their promises. Of course, BT are trying to close the gap between Virgin and the rest of British broadband, but as of yet it’s still Virgin who leads the field in provision of top class, reliable and efficient broadband to households and businesses.

How does fibre optic help?

Fibre optic connections offer a host of plusses to the fast broadband market. They allow for multiple users without dropped line speeds- which makes it invaluable in group situations from households to businesses. It also allows for super-fast downloads, which is of course what most users are looking for. It does make it easier to stream and watch TV, movies and more coherently, of course. And there’s never been a gamer yet who’d turn down a legless connection to ensure their game continues with no hiccoughs.

Fibre optic communication will play a huge part in achieving the government’s intentions of creating the best European broadband network in the next few years. This plan is expanded to include even rural areas previously disadvantaged in the information technology rat race. Unlike old lines, which are tied to copper wiring, fibre optics is considered a ‘futureproof’ solution which allows for faster data transfer and reduced interference with connection speed- meaning you get what’s advertised on the box when you use it.

Virgin Media Broadband ad

Overall, fibre optic broadband connections promise to be the future of the technology, allowing you fast steady access to the internet with little lag and no downtime. If you’re interested in knowing more about the great packages offered by Virgin Media, or you’d like to sign up for the service today, or even if you’d just like to check if the services are available in your area, contact Virgin Media for assistance.

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